The Problem

We face unacceptable conditions that continue to drive construction to lead the country in mental and financial struggles

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Our industry is in a terrible position for mental health outcomes, leading to an unacceptably high rate of suicide. The many heavy burdens that are inherent to this industry continue to degrade the livelihood of the men and women who run and operate construction businesses. It is a culture of isolation, loneliness, and silence, and it will take a combined effort to overcome.

The challenges we face


Australian construction businesses entered insolvency through 2021-2022, consistently the most of any industry


Construction industry professionals report over 50% more burnout than Australia’s broader professional community

Isolation Kills

The “need for self reliance” is the strongest predictor to poor mental health outcomes


Construction workers are 54% more likely to take their lives than any other industry


Nearly one third of trades apprentices report suicidal thoughts in a 12-month period


190 Australian tradespeople take their own lives each year


Nearly half of all apprentices never complete their certification


More professionals in construction work over 50 hours/week than any other industry

The forever looming threat of insolvency in construction

It’s a constant application of stress that you’re forced to deal with alone. The construction industry constantly leads the country with high insolvency rates due to the typically unreliable contract-based work. These projects are subject to the whims of huge cost fluctuations in materials and labour, tight margins and irregular invoicing. For the leaders of these businesses, the men and women responsible for the livelihood of their teams, you’re forced to put on a brave face and say “everything will be fine”, internalising the stress until you reach boiling point. This financial stress wreaks terrible damage on mental and physical health and strains relationships with family, friends and peers.

The long hours strain close relationships

With high-pressure contracts that have such a huge impact on the success or failure of your business, tight timelines with a packed-out schedule, and so many moving parts that can prevent the progress of projects, it’s no surprise that construction professionals work longer hours than just about anyone else in the country. These long hours can be incredibly detrimental to the long term health of business owners and their team, not to mention a desperate lack of family time and the damage it can cause to the close relationships that we all rely on for support.

This industry of isolation affects us all

BuildUp Australia Founder Adrien Mamet Talking to Fellow Construction Business Owner

From our youths, we’re indoctrinated into a culture that holds a person alone. You’re taught to fight your own battles and see your peers as adversaries, only cooperating under regimented conditions in team sports and contracts. Throughout our industry, from leaving school, through our apprenticeships, during our careers building our skills, and especially into leadership positions with far greater responsibilities than we’re conditioned to manage, a silence and status-quo is enforced. This expectation to be steadfast, an island of competence without a need to lean on a mate for support is wearing down and churning through a devastating number of incredible people, and it won’t end without your support.

It’s only through a cooperative effort that we can improve our industry

The challenges

The way forward

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