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Luke Henkey
Director, Redchip Construction
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“It’s a bit of a relief that you’re not the only one in the industry that goes through this sort of stuff, everyone sort of cops it at some stage through their career.” 

With his father owning a hardware store, and his grandfather a builder, Luke was always leaning towards construction and carpentry. Through his apprenticeship, his experience subcontracting with bigger developers, and striking out with Redchip, Luke knows more than most about the industry. He has a lot of great stories, and it’s great to hear his perspective. 

Good mental health is especially critical in the construction industry; it can be gruelling and stressful work. Luke tells us about his struggles and how he gets through the worst of them with the help of his wife and the Queensland Professional Builders Network. 

In the industry as a project manager, there’s no blueprint for success and more than a fair share of pitfalls. Luke attests to the benefits of a business coach to help avoid some of the more obvious worries, but peer support is also priceless. 

Sharing your problems with mates who have been through similar issues and may have insights to help you improve your situation can make all the difference when times get tough. 

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“I think the biggest change I made was when I decided that business-wise, I needed a coach.”

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