Overcome the challenges of our industry - together

To confront the enormous challenges we currently face, BuildUp relies upon sponsors like you. Together, we aim to find better outcomes for our current professionals working tirelessly every day to see a brighter future for the next generation of tradespeople. As a sponsor of BuildUp Apprentice, you’ll support the health, stability, and success of our industry.

BuildUp Apprentice supports growth in construction

The future of the construction industry relies upon the next generation of tradespeople – our current apprentices. As a young person entering a trade, many apprentices have minimal experience in the workforce. Between low wages, minimal external support, and severe isolation, far too few apprentices even graduate to become qualified tradespeople. BuildUp Apprentice is a not-for-profit initiative made to tackle these problems and provide a better future for the industry through mentorship and support from our BuildUp Members.

Buildup means better outcomes for your customers

The BuildUp Chapter structure is built to empower trades professionals in their business as well as improve mental health outcomes throughout the industry. When your customers become BuildUp Members, they find the support to grow robust, successful businesses – providing them with higher capacity, reduced insolvency rates and, in turn, improving the industry as a whole.

Our incredible supporters

Breaking down the barriers of isolation with robust peer networks and supportive mentorship will benefit the entire industry - better mental health outcomes and better businesses

Better support for better outcomes

By overcoming the barriers that prevent industry professionals from help-seeking behaviour, the industry becomes safer and stronger together.

Reach networks of professionals

Through association with BuildUp Apprentice, you’ll have access to our BuildUp Member networks including your current customers and their peers.

Showcase your support

Gain access to our BuildUp and BuildUp Apprentice logos, showcasing your support for the industry. Likewise, sponsors can have their logos printed on our resources.

Higher-capacity clients

Through their involvement with their BuildUp Chapters, your clients will find greater success, providing them with the capacity for more work – and more business with you.

Promotion opportunities

Through our BuildUp Members Platform, you’ll have the opportunity to promote directly to the many industry leaders and quickly growing businesses across our network.

Support the next generation of tradespeople

Through your support, BuildUp Apprentice aims to foster the next generation of the construction industry toward success, well-being, and better business practices.

How can you support BuildUp?


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Meet a BuildUp representative to discuss the goals of our program and how we can best support your customers together.


Join the team and receive opportunities to support our industry together.

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