Building better outcomes for trades business owners

We’re overcoming the challenges caused by an industry of isolation and self-reliance with peer support networks.

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A support framework for a better industry

In an industry of long hours, irregular, contract-based work, and frequent financial hardships, the challenges business leaders face are only made worse by a pervasive culture of isolation and self-reliance. BuildUp is working toward a solution. 

Our mission is to foster collaborative relationships for trade business owners. These support networks aim to build toward greater financial and emotional outcomes and assist in the early detection and treatment of mental illness.

The troubling reality of our industry

The construction industry is in dire straights for mental health outcomes, bringing us greater challenges that call for those in the industry to band together and stand up for their peers. 

Trades professionals are conditioned to struggle in silence, leaving them no alternative but to suffer alone through financial and emotional issues in the toughest industry in the country, all too often leading to dire consequences.


Construction workers are 54% more likely to take their lives than any other industry


Australian construction businesses entered insolvency through 2021-2022, consistently the most of any industry


30% of trades apprentices report suicidal thoughts in a 12-month period


Construction industry professionals report over 50% more burnout than Australia’s broader professional community

Imagine connecting with over a century of trades business experience in the one room

With your own inner circle of professional peers, you’ll have access to a wide pool of business experience to collaborate with, along with a vital network to find the support you need to reach better mental and physical health outcomes.

BuildUp Australia Business Owners Talking Together

Stand above the culture of isolation

Join a chapter today and find the way forward to better mental wellness and business and financial success.

Break the stigma

Overcome the barriers that prevent industry professionals from help-seeking behaviour.

Build an inner circle

With monthly face-to-face meetings with other business owners in your industry, you’ll have somewhere to turn when your problems are building up.

Training from the best

You’ll receive mental health awareness training to better identify issues in yourself, your employees, and your loved ones before they fall into a crisis.

BuildUp Member benefits

Access the wealth of resources made available to all BuildUp Members – networking opportunities, fitness training, business coaching, financial advice, and much more.

Achieve better outcomes

Access a broad library of resources and expert aid to improve your mental and physical health, and find greater success in your business.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Don’t let your mental health fall by the wayside; sharing your problems with people in similar situations will be the first step you take in getting the support you need.

BuildUp works with suppliers throughout the construction industry

BuildUp collaborates with suppliers with a vested interest in the health and sustainability of the construction industry. By cooperating with suppliers who share our goals, we can have an even greater impact on the success and well-being of the businesses that are the core of our industry.

Construction suppliers for any trade can benefit from working with BuildUp in a number of ways and become a part of the movement to Build Up better in the construction industry.

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