Building better outcomes for apprentices

Through support driven mentorship and a strong community we’re making the industry a better place for apprentices in construction.

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BuildUp Apprentice is for the future of the industry

Apprentices are the future of the construction industry, yet they’re too often mistreated and left without guidance. Many apprentices are left isolated without peers to rely on and are left to struggle alone.

BuildUp Apprentice aims to provide support and mentorship at the time when it’s most needed.

You’ll find the support you need to succeed at your apprenticeship

Support & mentorship from industry experts

Be paired with a mentor in the BuildUp network, someone with no association with the business where you’re apprenticeship is progressing, to gain mentorship for the challenges you’re facing, hurdles you’ll encounter, and better insights toward achieving your qualification.

Community with peers

You may find that throughout your apprenticeship, you’re struggling to find peers that share your experience as a youth in construction. Join a community of apprentices across the country to see the similar challenges – and their best solutions.

Better resources for success

Access a deep pool of readily provided information, advice, and tools to better succeed in your apprenticeship. You’ll gain access to key information, financial advice, mental health coping tools, and much more.

The difficulties faced by apprentices

As a young person entering a trade, many apprentices have minimal experience in the workforce. Between low wages, minimal external support, and severe isolation, far too few apprentices even graduate to become qualified tradespeople.

The poor conditions many young apprentices face lead to unacceptably dire mental health outcomes and a worrying loss of great talent in our industry.


48% of apprentices leave their trade – most before completion of their second year


First-year apprentices earn far less than qualified tradespeople, causing financial strain and often leading to exploitation


Studies report that nearly one third of all trades apprentices reported suicidal thoughts in a single year


Over 90% of trades businesses have less than 10 employees – many apprenticeships are completed alone

Stories from your peers

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Replenishing my mental health through getting out golfing on the weekends

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Adjusting to the financial difficulties of living out of home as an apprentice

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Enjoying the freedom to be able to see different places between site to site

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Keeping up with the crew while balancing on the back foot

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Adjusting to the industry as a mature age apprentice

Connect with a mentor in your industry

Sign up for BuildUp Apprentice to establish a relationship with an expert in the same trade you’re learning. Through regular contact, you will have the support, advice, and aid you need to thrive in your trade of choice and succeed in your apprenticeship.

Establish a mentorship

Connect with an experienced tradesperson within your field. Your mentor will regularly contact you to provide support and advice, and you’ll be able to turn to them if you ever face abuse or mistreatment at work.

Connect with your peers

Access the BuildUp Apprentice community network and connect with peers working locally and around the country. Enjoy the Smoko Van Podcast each week, and you may even see the van near your worksite.

Access financial benefits

Receive advice from Xact Accounting on how to afford to live on an apprentice wage, and access exclusive sponsor offers to buy your tools.

Mental health support

Access vital information on how to identify and cope with mental health struggles for yourself and those you’re close to.

Find an apprenticeship

Seek guidance on becoming an apprentice with our resources, and gain access to our member network to find an employer.

Use the member portal

Contact your mentor or access our services with our bespoke member portal to find the aid you need no matter where you are.

BuildUp Apprentice is made possible by our generous sponsors

BuildUp collaborates with suppliers with a vested interest in the health and sustainability of the construction industry. By cooperating with suppliers who share our goals, we’re able to have an even greater impact on the success and well-being of the businesses that are the core of our industry, and the apprentices who are slated to become the next generation of professionals.

Parents & Guardians of apprentices

As a young Australian, an apprenticeship is a hard road to walk down. Many apprentices face severe issues that can negatively impact their mental health, financial struggles that prevent them from finding their independence, and many face exploitation or loneliness in their work.

Support your young apprentice through a difficult time with a large library of resources and tools to identify mental health struggles before they become overwhelming, learn their rights to demand better outcomes from their work, and gain insights into the up’s and down’s they’re likely to face.

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