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Not sure what’s involved or what’s included? Check out our how it works page and learn the benefits of becoming a BuildUp Australia member.

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As a mentor, you’ll be assigned to an apprentice through the BuildUp Apprentice program. You’ll contact them at least once each month for a check-in and be available for advice and support when they experience difficulties in their trade.

Mentorship is on a volunteer basis, but for the sake of providing the support framework that the BuildUp Apprentice program seeks to offer, we ask our volunteer mentors to make a long-term commitment to an apprentice.

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Considering the 100+ years of relevant industry experience at the table, joining BuildUp will give you the support, insight, and tools to grow as a robust, successful business regardless of your trade. Even more so, the tools and programs that BuildUp Members gain access to will help you develop the business and personal skills, as well as provide an outlet to discuss the challenges that you face in your daily work.

BuildUp Members are committed to breaking down the barriers that isolate and silence discourse of stress, anxiety, overwhelming challenges, personal problems, and financial insecurities – you’ll build an inner circle of peers. Through these efforts, we aim to reduce the unacceptable suicide rate in our industry, as well as the insolvency rate of construction businesses.

We know the challenges that business owners face in construction, and one of the most prevalent is the intensely long hours and immense stress! BuildUp is structured to provide you with a way to manage these challenges, and help you make the time to attend a monthly meeting with your chapter, but also spend time with your family, work on personal fitness, and have some time to order your thoughts and take a load off.

You may feel like committing to a monthly meeting is simply impossible with your current workload and schedule, but that exact situation is one of the major stressors that are causing construction to lead in some of the worst statistics in our country. It is because of these experiences of feeling overwhelmed and out of time that BuildUp exists, and it is designed and structured for you to build toward better outcomes and overcome these experiences together.

Our mentors are required to contact their apprentices at least monthly, but we encourage them to provide as much encouragement, support, and wisdom as they can manage to offer. When you become a mentor, you are assigned an apprentice that is completely disconnected from your circle of peers, that you will contact via phone to provide support.

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