Dealing with the building stress of project management in healthy ways.

Clayton Ross
Director, CJR Construction
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“I’m kicking back, hanging out with the family and my two sons.”

Travelling around the world and working as a carpenter, Clayton learned a trick or two that gave him an edge in the construction industry in Australia. His stories about working in Canada are especially great to hear – there are plenty of opportunities to get out and about on a snowboard. His experiences building houses in difficult conditions, and his apprenticeship with the army, give him a great perspective on the industry in Australia. 

His experience with rising material costs and the delays you face on-site as a builder really rings true for the whole industry. So, it’s great to hear how he manages his mental health and combats the growing stress many of us face. Regularly exercising for fitness and routine are so important to maintain a level of stability in such an often stressful industry. Family time and generally switching off from the job can let you enjoy life, even when times are getting tough. 

Clayton goes on to tell us how his involvement in the Queensland Professional Builders Network has allowed him to share the problems he faces within his business and make better decisions because of it. 

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“I do CrossFit five days a week which is pretty good; it keeps me a little bit stress-free.”

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