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Fraser Allen
Managing Director, Allen Brothers Construction
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“In the last few years, I’ve changed my daily routine.”

It’s great to hear a story about two brothers who mesh enough to create and run a business together. Allen tells us how he and his brother Kurt got started in the construction industry and how they got to where they are today. Working on custom homes and major renovations, Allen has a lot to offer when it comes to contributing ideas to a network of peers. 

In a very familiar-sounding story, Allen tells us how the construction industry’s exhausting work and long hours took a toll on his mental health. A strict structure around his day’s routine and making time for surfing have been life-changing for his mental health. 

Taking the time to be with your family is critical to your wellbeing. We hear from Allen just how important family is to him. When work is piling up, it’s essential to be present in the other aspects of your life. 

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“What it does mentally for me is tenfold the physical side.” 

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