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Ray Hattin
Update Renovate
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“The biggest change has been meeting up with the network group and focussing more on the business and less on the job.”

In his design and estimating role at Update Renovate, Ray deals with many internal issues, and his insights are extremely valuable to anyone in the industry. He shares stories of frustration, overcoming barriers, and managing restrictions and setbacks. With work interruptions, price stress, and client expectations all becoming tougher to handle, it’s more important than ever to have peers to share and problem solve with. 

Ray tells us about his involvement in the family-run thirty-year-old company and the stress of managing resources and expectations. He has some great stories and strong ideas about the industry and the struggles that come with dealing with banks and managing money, something that many of us are empathetic to. 

It can be difficult to switch off from increasing workloads, but taking time away from work is still important. Ray’s methods for reducing his stress and taking care of his mental wellbeing are familiar to many of us – switching off the phone and getting some exercise in. 

A network of peers can help you work through the stress on your site. 

Register your interest now and take the first step to being a part of your own BuildUp Crew. 

“A group we can all bounce ideas off, share our wins and losses, and learn from it.”

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