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The construction industry has always been a tough place for apprentices to learn their trade, in dire need of better practices and more support. We’ve seen many attempts made to improve the situation for the future of the industry, only to see little improvement. 

BuildUp Apprentice is in response to these challenges – a more involved effort to reach individual apprentices with better support through mentorship, community, and deeper involvement.

To see a change in the industry for the next generation, we’re building a community of mentorship and support

“We can not solve our problem with the same level of thinking that created them.”

All throughout our culture, we are taught to put on a brave face, and pretend nothing is wrong – the stress is never too much, and we can survive anything with enough grit and determination. Through school, team sports, and into our apprenticeship, we’re taught to hide our fears and pain. This culture of silence and isolation is exacerbated for young apprentices who often feel ignored when they face unfamiliar challenges, belittled when they speak up.

We learn to believe that our failures are due to our weaknesses, but the statistics tell a different story. Mental health requires work, and apprentices suffering in silence and isolation need support. Together, we need to overcome the culture of isolation that pervades our industry to prevent any more of these incredible people from becoming yet another statistic.

BuildUp Australia is an organisation for apprentices to find support and see better outcomes

As a not-for-profit organisation sponsored by the businesses and organisations that have a vested interest in the betterment and wellbeing of the future of the industry, BuildUp Apprentice aims to bring people together to tackle the vast challenges that we face. The leaders of construction have the tools, resources, and learned wisdom to provide the right support and the desperately needed answers to the toughest questions, and their involvement is the most effective way to meet the needs of our industry.

The culture of silence, the desperate mental health outcomes, and the costly drop-out rate of young apprentices are sapping the growth and strength of the construction industry. We aim to see these very well understood challenges solved by bringing business leaders together with the future trades professionals. Together, we can make an impact.

BuildUp Apprentice is made possible thanks to these generous sponsors

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