Adjusting to the industry as a mature age apprentice

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“…an older chippy or something on site that pushes back a little bit and maybe that was a stupid question – I’m a little hesitant to ask questions in similar areas.”

Sam made a career shift from his previous job as an ambulance driver into carpentry to find stable employment closer to home and his extended family. Carpentry was always an interest, so it was a natural fit to seek out a mature age apprenticeship. It’s fantastic to hear of the successes he’s experienced through his training, finding a close group of peers to support him through the unfamiliar challenges of the industry.

As lucky as he’s been to find an employer with an interest in his growth, he’s still seen some of the signs of the culture of self-reliance that pervades the industry. His unique perspective working through a difficult job with the ambulance services before going into the construction industry is enlightening – an environment that should incentivise cooperation, as the whole team would benefit – still holds back from encouragement and support when the fresher faces on the site are in uncertain situations. Even in a welcoming team that he speaks highly of, he recognises some red flags that are indicative of deeper issues.

It’s great to hear from Sam about his own methods to find the right advice, clever tradie tips, and tool review videos, and many young apprentices would benefit from following his lead toward those resources. Still, more needs to be done with clear and concise information for new and prospective apprentices to find the best path forward in their apprenticeship. Sam’s experiences are immensely valuable to the industry, with many of his stories ringing with a certain familiarity that we could all benefit to recognise.

“Before I even started I was watching YouTube videos for what tools to buy as a first-year apprentice…”

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