QPBN Chapter

Forum Rules & Housekeeping

  • Forums will be held monthly on the first Wednesday of each month or the next day if that falls on a public holiday
  • All notes must be written PRIOR to arriving
  • Members must stick to the agenda to ensure the meeting doesn’t go over time
  • Forums will be held in a moderately quiet space/place to minimise distractions
  • Phones MUST be switched to silent
  • Lateness is NOT accepted and forum members must make every reasonable effort to arrive on time
  • Join the discussion – Everyone is to share and join in on all topics 
  • If you are not going to make the meeting an email or text is required – (The app will be available April)
  • Discuss losses first followed by Wins to finish with a positive mindset
  • A win is a win – no matter how insignificant – ensure you table at least one!
  • 1 Person holds the floor – keep private discussions till the end

Time & Date
Date: Wednesday 1st November 2023
Time: 7:15am – 9:30am 
Location: Café 63 East Brisbane 
7:15am – Meeting Opens

Top 5 percenters. – Max 15 minutes per member

Each Member will discuss their Bottlenecks and Wins in turn, until we have been through all members

5 minutes -Each member will close off with their Goals for the coming Month – Members will be asked to share 1 goal they want to set themselves for the upcoming month, which will be reviewed at our next forum.

Having goals and discussing them with other forum members will hold us all accountable.

Review each members goals for the last month and did they achieve them

Meeting close
Members are welcomed to stay longer and continue informal discussions

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